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Built with expert precision, serviced with careful attention. Lexus Certified Trained Technicians will exceed your expectations every regularly scheduled Lexus maintenance service visit at Lexus of Barrie.

Lexus Maintenance

Your Lexus Service Schedule begins with two complimentary services.

1,600 kilometre Check-In, where we:

  • Address your questions or concerns
  • Help you set-up or adjust your personal vehicle settings
  • Conduct an under-the-hood visual inspection
  • Provide you with a vehicle walk around

8,000 kilometre Check-In, where we:

  • Inspect coolant, brake & washer fluid levels
  • Inspect and rotate tires & adjust pressure as required, including spare
  • Inspect wiper blades, linkage and washers for proper operation
  • Visually inspect brake pads, calipers, rotors, brake lines and hoses


For 2016 and newer Model year, certain exceptions apply, speak to your Lexus Dealership for more details.

Inside Look

Precision Parts. Elite Engineering. Take a closer look at some of the advanced systems that make your Lexus a finely-tuned machine and the Lexus Parts & Services required to maintain its peak operating condition.

1. Oils & Filters

Why do you need regular Oil & Filter Services?

Motor Oil provides the barrier that prevents metal-to-metal contact and absorbs heat from the moving parts of your Lexus’ engine. The lubrication system filters the oil to remove contaminants and prevent corrosion, and then pumps it throughout the engine.

To keep your engine running smooth and clean, have your Oil & Filter changes performed at the recommended Lexus Maintenance Schedule intervals.

Lubrication System:
1. Oil Pump 2. Relief Valve 3. Oil Strainer 4. Oil Filter

2. Engine & Exhaust

Ever wonder what makes your Lexus run?

A mixture of fuel and air is drawn through the Intake to the Cylinders. Spark Plugs ignite this mixture, causing it to fire and expand with enough force to drive down the Pistons. The downward motion of the Pistons rotates the Crankshaft, which in turn moves the Transmission.

The Timing Belt synchronizes the rotation of the Camshafts. The Intake and Exhaust Valves are opened and closed at precise times to operate the Engine and drive the Transmission efficiently. The Exhaust System neutralizes harmful gases created by the combustion process and removes them.

Engine Construction:
1. Timing Belt 2. Crankshaft Pulley 3. Idler Pulley 4. Crankshaft 5. Piston 6. Valves 7. Exhaust Camshaft 8. Intake Camshaft 9. Camshaft Timing Pulley

3. Electrical System

Getting Started

The moment you turn the key or push the Start button you place demands on the Electrical System in your Lexus. A signal is sent to the Starter circuit to draw power from the Battery to the Starter and Electronic Igniters. The Starter engages the flywheel to start the Engine and the current is provided to the Igniters for the Spark Plugs. The Spark Plugs then ignite the air/fuel mixture to provide the Combustion that puts the engine in motion. While the Engine is running, the Alternator works to recharge the Battery and provide electrical power.

Electrical System:
1. Alternator 2. Starter 3. Battery 4. Electronic Igniter 5. Spark Plugs

4. Air Conditioning & Cooling Systems

Keep your Cool

The Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems in your Lexus work to regulate the flow of air and cooling fluids through the system components to keep both your engine, and your passenger cabin, comfortable.

Air Conditioning System:
1. Evaporator 2. Blower Unit 3. Cabin Air Filter

5. Replacements & Touch Ups

Premium Lexus Products

When you need to replace Wiper Blades or Fluid, or Touch Up minor scratches, Lexus of Barrie offers premium-quality products designed specifically for your Lexus.

6. Brake System

Your Brake System integrates Active Safety Systems like ABS to help ensure that when you apply the brakes, your Lexus brings you securely to a stop.

When brakes are applied, the pressure from the pedal is transmitted to the Brake Booster, which increases the force applied to the Brake Master Cylinder. The Master Cylinder converts this force from mechanical into hydraulic pressure. It is then directed by the Brake Fluid to the 4 wheels. There, the Calipers clamp the Brake Pads against both sides of the Brake Rotors to slow the rotation of the wheels. The Calipers include a Dust Boot to protect it from exposure to the build-up of brake dust – made up of brake materials that might be scraped off the pad during braking. Dust Shields can also be installed between the rim and the brake to prevent from building up on your wheel, which can corrode the wheel finish.

Brake System:
1. Master Cylinder 2. ABS Actuator 3. Brake Booster 4. Disc Brake

7. Steering & Suspension

Exhilarating Comfort

The Suspension and Steering components in your Lexus are engineered to provide both a comfortable and responsive ride. From the Shock Absorbers that reduce bouncing motions to the Power Steering Pump that provides assistance to reduce your steering effort, every ride in your Lexus should amaze and delight.

Suspension/Shock Absorbers:
1. Upper Support 2. Coil Spring 3. Shock Absorber 4. Lower Arm

8. Powertrain/Drivetrain

Transferring Power

The Transmission – Automatic or Manual – uses gears to control the amount of power and torque transmitted from the Engine to the Propeller Shaft, which then transmits this power to the Differential.

In AWD or 4WD vehicles, the Transmission sends power to the Transfer Case, which then sends it to both the front and rear axles via the Differential.

The Differential directs power from the propeller shaft to the Driveshafts, and enables the left and right wheels to rotate at different speeds when cornering.

Rear-wheel Drive:
1. Engine 2. Transmission 3. Propeller Shaft 4. Driveshaft 5. Tire 6. Differential

9. Tires

The engineers at Lexus carefully consider, test and select Original Equipment Tires from top Tire Manufacturers to deliver the perfect balance of Performance, Fuel Efficiency and Traction.

You’ll receive the same level of care and attention when you see the experts at the Lexus Tire Centre in Lexus of Barrie for maintenance, storage and replacement recommendations.

10. Fuel System

Time to Refuel?

When you top up the Fuel in your Lexus, the Fuel Tank prevents the emission of harmful fuel vapours. A Fuel Pump located inside the Tank moves the fuel through the Fuel Lines up to the Engine.

Fuel Injectors open and close to deliver a fine mist of fuel to the Cylinders, where the ignition and combustion occurs. These Injectors can occasionally require maintenance due to impurities in fuel. These contaminants can prevent injectors from creating the fine mist of fuel that is required for optimal performance and efficency.

Fuel System:
1. Injectors 2. Fuel Lines 3. Fuel Pump 4. Fuel Tank 5. Pressure Regulator


Where Maintenance Meets Mastery

Committed to Excellence in Everything We Do

Our entire organization is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with your Lexus automobile. From the earliest stages of design, through testing, manufacture, and delivery to each new Lexus guest, our commitment is evident in the automobiles we have created. Our goal is simply to design and build the finest automobiles in the world.

Expect Quality

When you buy any Lexus product, you can count on superb quality, reliability and dependability, the foundation upon which our reputation was built.

Did you know that to prove their dexterity, Lexus master upholsterers must be able to perfectly fold an origami cat with their non-dominant hand, in under 90 seconds? This elite training doesn’t stop at the factory, because Lexus treats perfection and developing human skills as a process that lasts the lifetime of the vehicle.

Your Lexus automobile is delivered to you in perfect condition. In the factory, all Lexus workers are supervised and trained by “Takumi” master craftsmen. Takumi are so skilled they can feel imperfections that are invisible to the human eye. Each Lexus undergoes multiple inspections during assembly and is stamped at each inspection location to validate that it left in perfect condition. It is further inspected after transport from the plant to our distribution facilities, and your Lexus Dealership performs a two hour pre-delivery inspection before your Lexus is transferred to your hands.

Each Lexus Dealership has a Diagnostic Centre and specially trained Master Technicians available to ensure that your Lexus is maintained or repaired correctly the first time. In the unfortunate event that your Lexus is involved in an accident, your Lexus Dealership will professionally restore it to pre-collision condition using high quality original equipment parts, and highly qualified collision repair personnel.

Be Our Guest

From your first visit to Lexus of Barrie, through the sales and service process, and throughout your ownership, you will discover that the pursuit of perfection is a mission Lexus fully intends to maintain. This pursuit is demonstrated at each interaction – each member of the Lexus family is committed to treating you as they would a guest in their home.

We wish you many years of driving pleasure in your new Lexus automobile. Above all, we are committed to continuous improvement. If there are any improvements that we can make to help ensure your satisfaction, please contact us.

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