Lexus of Barrie

COVID-19: Updated Sanitation Process

In the event of a Pandemic, Lexus of Barrie has outlined counter measures to ensure the safety and health of our staff as well as our guests.

Upon entering the dealership all staff will disinfect their workstations and wash their hands.

Every hour and between each interaction, each staff member will clean and disinfect their workstations.

Our Service Manager has been assigned to clean and disinfect the lounge every hour.

Upon Vehicle Arrival

The Service Advisor will greet the guest at the vehicle and perform walk around. During this time the Service Advisor will clean and disinfect the seat, steering wheel and inner/outer door handles. The Advisor will then affix seat cover, floor liner and steering wheel cover. 

During Service 

The technician will put on a new pair of gloves when beginning the service on the vehicle. The technician will remove gloves whenever traveling between departments (service, parts, work shop etc.) and will use new gloves when returning to vehicle. Upon completing and exiting the vehicle, the technician will dispose of used gloves. 

When Service Completed and Vehicle in Detail

Our detailing staff will put on a new pair of gloves for every vehicle. Once the vehicle was and vacuum is completed, our staff will disinfect the vehicle and return it to the drive through (or park outside if so requested). Upon exiting the vehicle, our staff will disinfect the wheel and inner/outer door handles one final time. 

Upon Returning Vehicle to Guest

Upon completing the transaction, our staff will disinfect all guest facing/used areas.

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